Ali Brown | Bliss is the “new black”…

Bliss is the “new black”…

Ali Brown - Business Bliss

In the past month, entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown was invited to the Forbes Women’s Summit and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, where she met and hung out with the most extraordinary (and wildly successful) women entrepreneurs and business owners.

And you know the ONE THING the happy ones ALL have in common?

They have found their “business bliss”.

Ali says she didn’t know what true “success” was until she found her business bliss… and since she’s starting talking about this more, the interest in this subject has skyrocketed.

Because there’s so much passion around this topic, Ali has decided to host a LIVE web show about it on June 17… and you can reserve your spot here now:

During this special, free 4-hour web event, you’ll discover:

* What Separates Prosperous Women from Those Who Struggle (It’s a simple principle, but you may not be aware of it… or its importance.)

* Balancing Your Ambition with Surrender (You don’t have to “go hard or go home”. Time to tap into a higher power.)

* Your Top 3 Barriers to Being in Your Bliss (We often don’t even see these, but here’s how to easily remove them.)

* The 5 Keys to a Moneymaking Business You Love (And the strategies that will help you get started right away.)

* NEW Details on OPEN ENROLLMENT for Ali’s new Business Bliss Program.

Who doesn’t need a big dose of bliss… in your business and your life. Reserve your spot for this FREE LIVE web show here now:

I know I’ll be there!

P.S. Ali is calling it a “web show”, because it’s going to fun! And she has a few surprise guests too! She even rented out a TV studio for the occasion. Reserve your spot here now for this free event:

P.P.S. Ali Brown is still one of my favorite mentors and she always provides plenty of value, so grab your spot now!


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