Ali Brown – Online Profit Map Workshop

Sorry this is a bit late, but my mentor Ali Brown has an upcoming FREE online “Profit Map Workshop”, happening tomorrow, May 15!

Ali Brown Profit MapYou still have time to save your free spot! Read the full scoop and register here:

Ali timed this workshop so you can get clear and focused before the summer even begins, and use the next few months to ramp things up for you and your family. Get ready for a unique mix of live training, in-depth exercises, and Q&A that you can implement immediately in your business–and it’s all happening TOMORROW.

I’ve attended Ali’s online events in the past, and can tell you, you’re in for a real treat!

During this 4-hour online workshop, you’ll dive into:

* Interactive exercises to help you *get clear on your personal mission* (your WHY) and your *ideal clients* (your WHO), and your *moneymaking model*. (Once you know these, your marketing will fall into place and you will skyrocket your results!)

* Powerful *video excerpts from Thrive Live!* workshop (This event just happened in March and was *valued at $1,997*–but you get a sampling of these teachings FREE during this online workshop.)

* Ali’s personal *mindset secrets for stepping UP as a leader in your business…and your life* (This is Ali “unplugged”, revealing those fears, anxieties, and false doubts that keep you stuck right where you are. You CAN overcome them, and she will show you how.)

* Inspiring *real-world success stories* featuring entrepreneurs just like you who have *transformed their small businesses* by getting focused on the RIGHT growth strategies.

* Your personal “Profit Map”–a printable worksheet that you will complete by the end of the event. This map will show you your path to success, so you can take your business (and bank account) to the next level.

Go here for all the details and easy sign up:

P.S. *This online workshop will NOT be repeated*, so register now and mark your calendar for TOMORROW, May 15, starting at 2pm ET/11am PT!

Go to this page to get all the details:
 Ali Brown’s upcoming FREE online “Profit Map Workshop”

Ali Brown

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